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Bio-Rad Custom Antibody Generation Services
When you are trying to characterize a novel protein, or you have developed a unique biological product, often the specialized antibodies you need just don’t exist. What if there was a technology that could overcome this limitation, allowing you to carry out research that was previously impossible? Find out how Bio-Rad's custom antibody services can provide the solution.

Join us Thursday March 10th at 10.00-11.00 CET to hear from Bio-Rad's custom antibody specialist about how we can help you move your research forward!

In this webinar, learn how we use antibody phage display coupled with SpyTag technology to generate highly specific, non-animal derived monoclonal antibodies in multiple formats, in as little as 9 weeks.

Presented by Sophie Mayle, Technical Sales Specialist, Bio-Rad Laboratories

All registrants will receive an offer of 20% discount on Bio-Rad's catalogue antibodies after the event.


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